Lets get things started!

How to kick off things for the (re-)launch of this street[photograpy] Berlin blog? What about supporting an up and coming street-rapper from my own hood Berlin-Wedding! Marlo had some time ago a video-shoot for his video “Auf Ex” (check it out here) around the corner and I took some behind the scene and promo photos for the guys. And of course the coppers showed up after around one hours into the video-shoot in large numbers, surrounded us, did a stop and frisk style search and forced us to stand for almost an hour at a wall until they had checked all our IDs, searched each person and talked stupid shit. Would that have happened to a video-shoot in a fancy neighborhood of Berlin for some German white hipster dudes? Surely not. But we had our fun with it and partied even harder afterwards as in the end our message will always be: A.C.A.B. And due to their action the cops managed to get into the music video by secretly filming them, lol.

So welcome to my world ladies and lads, queers and gays and everybody else!