Showcase I: Snack Attack

Hi my dear readers, today I am introducing the new series Showcase. Here I will support good friends who are creating some amazing stuff, may it be DIY kitchen knives, music or anything else I think should be shown and supported.

I start the series with Snack Attack, the official pinterest page from a good friend of mine. There you can see some of his amazing handicraft work (including a damn Star Wars Tie-Bomber barbecue grill!) and contact him for asking for specific work-requests or to buy some of his work (he is based in Germany).

He also sent me some photos to give you a better idea of some of his work. Check out his pinterest page and contact him there: LINK

Stickers are here

The first batch of stickers for advertising this blog arrived. If you live in Germany and are interested in supporting my blog just write me via the contact option on this blog and I will send you some stickers for free to the address you give me. Thanks in advance to anybody interested in supporting me: