Stickers are here

The first batch of stickers for advertising this blog arrived. If you live in Germany and are interested in supporting my blog just write me via the contact option on this blog and I will send you some stickers for free to the address you give me. Thanks in advance to anybody interested in supporting me:

Homo humanitas

With this first portraiture I will start my new photo-series called Homo humanitas. With this project I want to explore and show, that each and every human should be seen as another human fellow being, e.g. nationality, gender or religion does not matter, only universal humanity. And what better way to show the essence of the Homo humanitas than in the form of portrait-photography? As in my humble opinion the face of each and every human tells a specific story, a specific moment in time and place as well as the inherent right to exist and live as a human being, treated with respect and with humanity.

I will create a separate page under projects on my blog when the project has evolved further. If you want to participate and are currently in Berlin/Germany please contact me via my contact page. The photo can be taken anonymously (without any metadata existing in the photo and without a name posted).

Oceans 11 / Rapper