Article in the NewStatesman

New article by Kenneth R. Rosen, with additional reporting by myself, on “Germany’s 2015 generosity in opening its borders was unparalleled. But less than three years later, many have been left struggling.” in the Newstatesman:

How Germany`s refugee dream soured

Deutsche Bahn: Free WLAN = Free Data

Begrüßung des WIFIonICE Netzwerkes – kein direkter Hinweis darauf, dass es ein offenes Netz ist

Auf Zugfahrten nutze ich die Zeit gerne um abzuschalten: Sei es, indem ich aus dem Fenster schaue und mich durch die unbekannten Landschaften inspirieren lasse, sei es, indem ich Musik höre und dabei ein gutes Buch lese.

Doch für viele Berufstätige ist die Fahrt im ICE mittlerweile eine Verlängerung des Arbeitsplatzes. Entsprechend enthusiastisch wurde Ende 2016 reagiert, als die Deutsche Bahn angekündigt hatte ihre ICE Flotte mit neuer, leistungsstarker WLAN Technik der schwedischen Firma Icomera aufzurüsten und zwar auch für die 2. Klasse.

Doch schnell kamen Zweifel auf in Sachen Sicherheit und der Nutzung des WLANs in den ICE Zügen. Wie der Chaos Computer Club Mitte 2017 berichtete (LINK) war die Schnittstelle des Herstellers Icomera mehr als schlecht programmiert und ermöglichte das einfache Datenauslesen. Angeblich wurde das Problem gepatcht, doch der CCC konnte nur eine „Verschlimmbesserung“ feststellen. Jedoch gibt es ein weiteres, gravierendes Problem. Ich werde im Folgenden darauf eingehen, theoretische Angriffsmöglichkeiten erläutern und Lösungsvorschläge präsentieren.

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The Misguided Legacy Of The Soviet Union Lives On

Guest article by Michael Cruickshank (twitter)


Military debris left abandoned in Nagorno-Karabakh © Michael Cruickshank

This year, 2017, marks 100 years since the inception of the Soviet Union – the communist mega state which dominated much of Eurasia for the majority of the 20th century. While its achievements and its crimes are well documented, what is often overlooked is the legacy of the USSR fueling very modern violence.

One major achievement of the Soviet Union was to unite a vast array of different ethnic and national groups under a single ideology – namely communism, and a single government – Moscow. To achieve this it used a variety of tactics, ranging from propaganda, to economic development, resettlement, violent suppression, and the occasional act of political concession. But for all of its attempts, it was never particularly successful. Continue reading

New publication (German/Afghanistan)

Dear readers,

in the current ZENITH Magazine you can find my reportage on young Afghans who got deported from Germany back to Kabul/Afghanistan. Together with the photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz we followed them for several days after their arrival. Additionally we interviewed numerous organisations in Germany as well as in Afghanistan to counter the German state narrative that Afghanistan would have “safe zones” for deportations.

The reportage can be read also online in German here: LINK

New Berlin underground literature Magazine

It is currently a bit “silent” on my blog due to high work load. This will hopefully change soon!

You want to read poems I`ve written? Or view photos I have taken for my personal project “Memories of my home”? Than check out this new underground magazine from Berlin and buy it now!


Photo from my series “Memories of my home” © Benjamin Hiller

“”The Bleeding Heart Nihilist” is a new nonperiodical, independent literary magazine based in Berlin, Germany. It is not aimed at any specific target readership, trying to be accessible to all kinds of people, explicitly including those who normally would never touch a collection of modern (or any kind of) poetry. It is a bi-lingual publication embracing the growing international community of our cities, trying to balance English and German content about equally.

It was created to breathe some fresh air into the modern mainstream book market, supporting original newcomers who want to be part of an alternative, uncommercial literary scene outside of online blogs and poetry slams – nothing more, nothing less. Simply a for us, by us kind of deal, the old-school way. The goal is neither publishing ivory tower art for fart-sniffing academics, nor pushing trivial entertainment trash either. The contributors, featuring a revolving cast of free authors, are not defined by style or genre, but through being opinionated and subversive, with a special focus on unconventional lifestyles and radical world views, speaking straight from the eponymous bleeding heart now, and worrying about who might listen later.

The first issue, published in May 2017, presents (for the most part exclusive) poetry and stories by Clint Lukas, Gaston Latz, Karl Cointreau and myself. Buy it HERE (shipping worldwide)