“Stop trying to fix your body. It was never broken.” Eve Ensler

The fabric of our societies is fragmenting, each day more, step by step. And this effects not only our mind but also the conception of our own body: self-optimization; pornographic role-models; body-hate; body-shaming; the loss of self-love; puritanical self-loathing; over-sexualization and so on and so forth. We fragment further and further, shatter our body into bits and pieces and hope that we can put it back together in an image accepted and loved by society.

But our body is not broken, as Eve Ensler stated. We need to figure out a way again to love our own body. To rekindle the flame of desire for ourselves.

This photographic project explores these topics as a counter-narrative towards the idealized body-photography. May it be porn or may it be advertisements. The human in front of the camera rediscovers the small bits and pieces of his*her body she*he loves, feels good touching or being touched or which tell a story in itself. Fragmenting the body into small units of self-love and, in that way, de-fragmenting the own body to be whole again. As every body, every mind, is beautiful in its own right – and has the right to be loved and to love itself.

If you are interested in participating in this project (and are from Berlin and/or visit Berlin) feel free to contact me via this page.

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