News Blues IX – Cyber edition

After a long break finally a new “Cyber-Blues” blog post. Check out these articles if you want to stay up to date on what is going on in the “shady world” of “Cyber-Security/Hacking” – though I even added some fun stuff at the end this time to brighten up the mood:

1. The New York Times reports on the start-up company Clearview AI – and how they “help” law enforcement agencies match photos of unknown people to their online images – often with illegal means of obtaining the images in the first place:


2. Wired on “Breaking down the hacking case against Julian Assange” to give also the non-techies and non-lawyers a current update:


3. A blog post on the Glenn Greenwald charges by the Brazilian state, compared to the Julian Assange charges:


And the New York times on the whole “case” against Glenn Greenwald:


4. Apple, still seen by many people as “defending the privacy and security” of their users, seems to have dropped the plan to encrypt backups after the FBI complained; this reiterates that we urgently need full open source built, from the hardware to the OS, mobile phones with proper encryption:


5. The full report on the Jeff Bezos Phone hack can now be downloaded here:


6. Wired on a “new mysterious ransomware” targeting Industrial Control Systems – though “insiders” and Cyber Security experts say this has been long known and not that new and that the company reporting on it does this more for PR reasons than shedding light on a new danger:


7. The Washington Post reports on how the CIA (interestingly with the help of the German BND) used a Swiss company, which delivered encryption tools for governments all around the world, to actually spy on them:


8. Motherboard reports on how companies buy data (for instance for targeted advertisements) by scraping the contents of your email inbox:


But at the end, after all these not very amusing articles and news – here is something which gives, on the one hand a deep look into the mindset of the NSA agency and, on the other, will bring a certain smile to you: A FOIA request managed to get 136 posters released that the NSA used internally in various “campaigns” for internal propaganda:

1. The full document for download:


2. Best off by the BBC:


3. Best off by Motherboard:


As always, stay safe out there, keep a positive vibe and fight for human rights and digital rights for all humans!

Your Benjamin Hiller

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