Charlottesville news roundup


The news of the domestic terror attack in Charlottesville is still sinking in as well as the explosion of violence at the right winged march there (in addition to the disgusting reaction by Donald Trump in his speeches). Especially the “white liberal class” seems genuinely shocked about the events and surprised though it should not have been any surprise in the first place. BLM activists as well as left winged activists and some investigative journalists warned about right winged terrorism again and again.

Even I wrote about the rise of right winged domestic terrorism during last years election cycle – though at that time many people considered these warnings as “over the top” and that the real threat in the US would be Islamist terrorism. During that time I could use only outdated data to make my point but luckily this June an investigative reportage dug into domestic terrorism (Islamist, right winged, left winged) in the last year and the conduct local law enforcement agencies use towards these different types of domestic terrorism. The data they uncovered validates my point that the main threat in the US today is domestic right winged terrorism: LINK

The Intercept published also an important piece showing again that Donal Trump had always a racist attitude and thus it should be also no surprise in regard to his reaction to the Charlottesville terror attack: LINK

One of the best articles on the protests itself was published at Splinter News. It clearly depicts that the white nationalists were out for blood and that the intend was to stir up violence: LINK

Due to the violence, often live streamed, the term “alt-left” got en vogue again, also used by the President as well as some mainstream media. Besides being a right winged term to discrete anti-racist activists the term is also wrong in itself. Peter Beinart explains the reasons why Trump as well as some of the media got it all wrong in regards to the antifa and the “alt-left”: LINK

But what about scientific data and research? Why is there so much hate, where does this “evil” come from? The National Geographic published an extensive reportage on the current state of neural science, the search for explanations on empathy and what this can teach us about the current events: LINK

On a philosophical level I am really glad that Sean Illing at vox wrote a piece on the bad readings of Nietzsche by Neonazis and the “alt-right”. As it is important to deconstruct these kind of claims to show their bigotry (and bad intellectual habits): LINK

A different interpretation of Nietzsche can be read in the book called “I am Not a Man, I am Dynamite!: Friedrich Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition: Frederich Nietzsche and the Anarchist Tradition” – you can find it here: LINK

Also on a historical side note: Currently there is also a growing radical left armed militia movement in the US, called Redneck Revolt (see here). The term Redneck itself has many different origins, though the left tries to embrace one specific origin: During the early 20th century striking coal miners, often being organized in communist/socialist unions, wore a red bandana around their neck and called themselves “Redneck”. Thus the Redneck Revolt tries now to gain access to the “rural white working poor class” by reconnecting them to their past and show a different political way than the “alt-right” has to offer.

In general a lot of the hate we could see these past weeks was fueled by the Internet. In the beginning of the “twitter revolution” liberals and left-leaning intellectuals, in light of the so called Arab Spring and Occupy Wall street, had hoped for a “uncensored, free and democratic internet revolution” and many left winged activists embraced groups like Anonymous, Wiki Leaks etc. But the whole thing took soon a turn to the “dark side”, as trolls, 4chan, gamer-gate and the “alt-right” all grew out of the same concepts and possibilities. Nowadays some hackers “switched sides”, embracing white supremacy ideology and movements like gamer-gate and “masculinity first” and in turn started organizing (violently) on the streets. In her book “Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars From 4Chan And Tumblr To Trump And The Alt-Right” Angela Nagle shows how this change occurred, where the overlaps are between the “PC-culture” of the regressive left and the reaction by the “transgressive right” and how this “cultural war” fueled the current hate. A must read for everybody: LINK

That’s it for this time; I am currently working on a short comment in regards to the upcoming “cyber defense bill ACDC” in the US and what the bill will mean for ethical/grey hat hackers, the right of a free internet and the dangers of “limitless counter attacks” by companies and individuals via the Internet.

Stay safe, peaceful and happy out there!

Your Benjamin Hiller


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