New Berlin underground literature Magazine

It is currently a bit “silent” on my blog due to high work load. This will hopefully change soon!

You want to read poems I`ve written? Or view photos I have taken for my personal project “Memories of my home”? Than check out this new underground magazine from Berlin and buy it now!


Photo from my series “Memories of my home” © Benjamin Hiller

“”The Bleeding Heart Nihilist” is a new nonperiodical, independent literary magazine based in Berlin, Germany. It is not aimed at any specific target readership, trying to be accessible to all kinds of people, explicitly including those who normally would never touch a collection of modern (or any kind of) poetry. It is a bi-lingual publication embracing the growing international community of our cities, trying to balance English and German content about equally.

It was created to breathe some fresh air into the modern mainstream book market, supporting original newcomers who want to be part of an alternative, uncommercial literary scene outside of online blogs and poetry slams – nothing more, nothing less. Simply a for us, by us kind of deal, the old-school way. The goal is neither publishing ivory tower art for fart-sniffing academics, nor pushing trivial entertainment trash either. The contributors, featuring a revolving cast of free authors, are not defined by style or genre, but through being opinionated and subversive, with a special focus on unconventional lifestyles and radical world views, speaking straight from the eponymous bleeding heart now, and worrying about who might listen later.

The first issue, published in May 2017, presents (for the most part exclusive) poetry and stories by Clint Lukas, Gaston Latz, Karl Cointreau and myself. Buy it HERE (shipping worldwide)


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