News Blues VIII


Dear Readers,

After a short absence due to traveling and other daily issues I am back with my weekly news blues. While the US under Trump is increasing its irrational military behavior around the globe other issues are also debate widely: The upcoming referendum in Turkey, the struggle for freelance journalists to earn a proper living or the right winged populist movement in France. Here some articles for you to read over the long Easter weekend:

Kareem Fahim writes for the Washington Post an eerie portrait of the Turkish newspapers Cumhuriyet Gazette and how the members who are not yet imprisoned try to go on with their daily journalism: LINK

Christopher R. Browning reviews in the New York Review of Books a new book on the rise of Hitler and what lessons can be learned from the past: LINK

In Foreign Policy you can read about the Front National and how they tried to seem modern and distant from the old extreme right party – and how they utterly failed and under the layer of “modernism” is the same old antisemitism and racism: LINK

Kaleigh Rogers analyses in a short report how the widespread opioid addiction is destroying the life expectancy of Trump`s core voting block – thus showing again that the policies of the Trump administration also destroy the lives of many people who voted for him and in the end only enriches his own entourage and family: LINK

As I myself was in December 2016 back in Afghanistan for some reporting I want to recommend these two important articles on the current state of the Taliban, their reemergence all over the country and how they changed their symbolism in the face of the “modern propaganda” of ISIS and similar groups:

1. Taimoor Shah and Rod Nordland write in the New York Times on “Taliban Take an Afghan District, Sangin, That Many Marines Died to Keep”: LINK

2. And Borhan Osman analysis “Rallying Around the White Flag: Taliban embrace an assertive identity” for the Afghanistan Analysts Network (by far the best source for Afghanistan and its neighboring countries): LINK

Noah Davis interviews Scott Carney, an investigative journalist, who started a small media frenzy when advocating for a proper payment for journalist far above the current standards: LINK

And to round up things here an awesome, strange, tantalizing article Ian Frazier: Did you know that Florida is invaded by cane toads. Toads which can get up to six pounds heavy, are so poisonous that small animals die (and larger dogs get addicted to their poison like Meth Heads), love to populate man made structures in the dozens and most likely stare at you with strange eyes while sitting under a beam of light from a street lamp
during night time. It sounds like out off a bad B-movie but it is the reality. And Ian Frazier captures the whole development in a outstanding longform reportage with the fitting title: Frogpocalypse Now: LINK

That`s it for this Friday News Blues edition – a bit shorter than usual but I promise to be back in full force next week. Until then have a great long weekend or holiday, stay safe and sound and keep the ideas of humanism alive:

Yours kindly,

Benjamin Hiller


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