News Blues V


Dear Readers,

Once again it is already Friday! Sometimes I have no clue where the days go so fast – probably running away from the world’s problems. This time I have only a few links for you – as the weather turned sunny in Berlin and therefore I’d rather spend my time outside than working in front of a computer screen.

As usual, we start of with an article straight out of a bad SciFi novel, coupled with a conspiracy theory. Sadly this time it is all true and thus even more unnerving. Imagine a Multi-Billionaire, who made his fortunes in stock market trades with the help of an advanced A.I. who now uses this technology to create a vast network of right-winged “news sites” and social media accounts to not only influence the elections (in the US and abroad), but also the general opinion of societies around the world. And let me say that – not for the better! Add to it that his companies that worked in the “Psych-Ops” for the US government in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you have a broad, frightening and powerful right-winged propaganda machine. And sadly the mainstream media is up to now not really ready to take on this kind of new threat: LINK

But how to protect oneself, especially as a journalist, from all these spying eyes (may they be actual state sponsored spies or social media accumulation monsters as mentioned above)? This is the “new job” of Edward Snowden – as Andy Greenberg reports in The Wired: LINK

Sometimes I think the biggest problem for the radical right/alt-right is their huge hypocrisy (not that the left or center is barred from these things) – as they claim to have a superior moral ideal but often dwell into realms of lies, moral hybris and “what I forbid you I am allowed to do” (see Pence with his current mini E-Mail gate). So it is interesting to see how the Nazis in the Third Reich proclaimed to build a new “healthy, superior, Aryan human being” but in the end almost the whole “holy Reich” was running on drugs alone: LINK

Some worring developments, but nothing new in the US history, is the aim by federal agencies under the Trump Administration to label civil disobedience and protests as “pool for home-grown terrorists”. With this alarmist message, neglecting at the same time the rise in real right-winged extremism and terrorism in the US, Republican run states already started to crack down on dissent and try to prevent protesters to march peacefully at all. It seems we are back in the McCarthy area already: LINK

And to move away from these depressing “real life” topics lets focus on “The Coming Amnesia” – another depressing topic indeed, but at least some time away for us humans. In this fascinating reading/debate Geoff Manaugh writes in his blog about the debate on the End of Cosmology, the Amnesia of the Universe and the short window we have now to find out as much as possible about our Universe before we can`t even see other galaxies anymore: LINK

That’s it for this weekend’s News Blues! Enjoy the reading, get some fresh air and prepare for more in the upcoming weeks on this blog!

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin Hiller

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