The Roy Gutman story – Update

Instead of my usual News Blues (it will be back next week) a small update in regards to Roy Gutman`s reportage in The Nation which we recently criticised in-depth at this blog (see the post before).

First of all Fabrice Balanche, an associate professor and research director at the University of Lyon 2, and a visiting fellow at The Washington Institute, rebuked Gutman`s claim that the 500.000 Kurds leaving the Kurdish areas in Syria fled due to the oppression by the PYD/YPG; the number, cited by Gutman, of Kurds leaving the area is correct but the reason why they fled was due to the war circumstances and only very seldom politically motivated.

But far more damaging for Roy Gutman is a statement by Ibrahim Hussein. He is the Judge he uses as one of his key witnesses, especially in regards to the supposed control of the PKK/YPG by Iran. Mr. Hussein posted on Facebook a statement (see below) accusing Gutman of falsifying his interview answers and furthermore states: “I didn’t say that Iranian intelligence is controlling YPG”.

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.43.12.png

Thus Roy Gutman`s reporting seems not only biased but rather, in parts, fabricated – which would be a disgrace for his legacy as a Pulitzer Price winning journalist. Up to now neither The Nation nor Gutman have made a proper statement in regards to these accusations. Of course these accusations could be wrong but for that Gutman needs to bring new evidence to the table to bolster his own claims.


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