News Blues III


And again we have already reached Friday – this week flew by like a tornado. Though I do not have a cold anymore I was really busy writing two new articles so this time I will keep myself brief in regard to the articles I review for your weekend reading.

As we will have further below enough articles covering the Trump Presidency lets start out with some different issues. M Neelika Jayawardane writes for allAfrica and Al Jazeera an interesting analysis of the problem with photojournalism in Africa and the Western “view” of the continent: LINK

And though I mentioned “Coffee and Cigarettes” in my last blog-post I want you to read the following from Margaret Wurth, researcher at the Children`s Rights Division at Human Rights Watch: “Did a Child Get Sick Farming the Tobacco in Your Cigarette?”: LINK

Still ongoing in the US are the debates on the different people appointed by the Trump administration to head important positions in the government. For instance Gina Haspel – she is now the new C.I.A.`s deputy director. But between 2003-2005 she was very active in a far darker role at the C.I.A. – overseeing the top-secret, and illegal, black site torture program of the agency around the world. This means that Trump must be taken seriously, again, when he boasted that he would reintroduce “enhanced interrogations” (e.g. torture) to the C.I.A. and other agencies: LINK

In a similar dark vein goes the debate (and the actions by) on Steve Bannon, former founding member of the right-winged conspiracy nut job page Breitbart News and now the Chief Strategist for Donald Trump. Several news outlets claim that he is the main force behind the Executive Orders by the President and thus more powerful than any other person in the government. The scary part is that a right-wing activist was able to get into such a high position out of nowhere – but it seems that is the new normality these days. The New York Times editorial board presented a statement with the title “President Bannon?” – poignant as always: LINK

Others take a closer look at the current state of the White House itself – as it seems that chaos inhabits it as well as infighting between separate power groups: LINK

But of course there is another “player” next to Steve Bannon in the close Trump circle – the religious zealot Mike Pence. And it seems to be his handiwork to weaken the separation between the state and church. The Nation tries to throw a limelight on this movement: LINK

And last but not least the Nation`s Leslie Savan decided to take a closer look on the new vocabulary used by the Trump presidency. Because besides of “alternative facts”, “fake news” and “emotional realities” it seems that we need to learn this new vocabulary to understand the meaning behind the declarations coming out of the White House in the first place: LINK

So back to school with flip cards it seems. But for now let`s enjoy the weekend and hopefully get some rest and peace from all the craziness happening around the world.

Yours truly,

Benjamin Hiller


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