News Blues – I


It is now Friday and the weekend is approaching. Thus there is nothing better than to wrap up the news of the week so that you can have some (online) reading for your Saturday and Sunday breakfasts (including coffees and cigarettes of course).

Some of the most talked about topics were on the first steps the new US president Trump took since his inauguration. So to get you up to speed you should read this short summary on what the newest Executive Orders really mean: LINK

For some more updated plans from the Trump cabinet on cutting down Federal Agencies and Programs here another analysis: LINK

At the same time one big news headline was the million women march taking place in more than 500 cities in the US as well as abroad. A good reading on the march and what it means for the near future can be found here: LINK

And last but not least, from the same newspaper, an analysis on the relationship between the media and the white house (which is deteriorating day by day): LINK

Some commentators suggested, if an impeachment of Trump would happen, that Vice President Mike Pence would be a good replacement for him. But many do not seem to understand the radical worldviews of Mike Pence. Some suggest that his politics, which already influence the decision making of Trump in regards to abortions, would be even worse than those from Trump. To shed some light on the Vice President I suggest this in-depth reportage on him: LINK

Of course you could also take the whole US presidency with a bit of dark humor – and write an op-ed from an Arab perspective. So here is this must read for you: LINK

To turn to some other, still bleak thematic, reporting I would suggest that you read this article on the (liberal) super rich and their (insane) preparations for doomsday – as well as a reflection on the history of such doomsday movements and where these super rich should logically invest their money in the first place: LINK

And staying with the doomsday hype – the new bestseller in the US is currently Orwell`s 1984. Adam Gopnik from the New Yorker, who never was a big fan of this novel, now apologises and tries to show why the book is more important than ever: LINK

You think this comparison is far fetched? Here a direct quote from the White House press-room handout on January 25th, 2017: The handout title is “Praise for President Trump`s Bold Action” and underneath you find a collection of supposed news praise of the new president (source) – this sounds like a dictator in the making.

By the way, a big meme boom started when the radical white supremacist Richard Spencer got punched in the face recently in Washington. But who is this guy and what are his political views as well as his ties to radical anti-Semitic and violent groups? Eli Sanders tries to explore this angle of the story: LINK

And after you have read thousands of words over the weekend I suggest this short documentary movie; it shows the strange intersection between backpackers and locals in Saigon/Vietnam from an almost anthropological viewpoint:



That’s it for this Friday – more to come next week. Until than, as always, stay safe and happy out there!

Your Benjamin Hiller



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