Back in the game

It was again a bit silent here – the reason was that my trusted old Ricoh GR Digital (yes, a camera from 2005!) finally broke down after several years of intense use:

So I looked for another proper street-photography camera which supports my kind of style and I got lucky: I was able to buy a near mint used Fuji X10:

Yes, I know, some will wonder why I bought again a used camera, this time from 2011. There are several reasons behind this decision:

On the one hand I am a stance supporter of “upcycling” as well as using hardware as long as it lasts – because everything else is just a waste of resources and imho consumerism. Also I do not want to waste hundreds of Euro just to get some “must have” features which, in the end, I will never use. I got the Fuji X10, as an example, together with the Metz flash, three batteries, a proper screen protector, a soft release button, a thumb-grip and more for just 230 Euro! So why waste a higher amount in the first place?

On the other hand I do not need the run for more and more megapixels and supposedly important new fancy features. As for me a camera is first and foremost a tool for the handicraft itself. I want a camera without fancy stuff, simple yet powerful manual controls and a good overall handling. I learned my trade in 2004 as an apprentice at a great Industrial Photography studio. My boss at that time “forced” us to learn, next to using medium and large-format digital cameras/camera-backs/view cameras, also the traditional method of analog photography (also medium and large-format analog film), including how to develop the films and prints ourselves. This had an everlasting impression on me and showed that I can take great photos even with a minimalist camera, without a sensor for light-metering, autofocus etc. And thus I am always looking for something fitting my own photographic experience in a “new” camera.

And for those still not convinced I suggest to check out this blog-post from the awesome Steve Huff from 2013 – as it shows what this small camera was and is still able to deliver in the right hands: LINK

So I am looking forward to take the Fuji X10 on a walk this weekend and I will than post new photos on a regular basis again.

Family tunes

It seems like yesterday – when we still celebrated your Birthday together. Today is again your Birthday but you are gone, dear beloved mother. And even if several years have gone by the pain, the feeling of an unfathomable loss, comes back again and again. We are now only three in our micro-family: my dad, my sister and myself. And after we are gone only fleeting memories will be left. In remembrance of you, beloved mother, and in celebration of our family – as we always held together, in good as well as in bad and hard times, I created some time ago this small slideshow and will share it today for the first time to the outside world.

Dear readers – remember to love your life, the here and now, your friends and families!